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tv   RT News  PBS  January 16, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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guess i attended my way the school as well. you knew when womb . the afghan outrage over the deaths of children in another american airstrike that nato officials insist it was an operation to disrupt insurgency. il ushe for iran to play hero and the upcoming peace talks in syria as the russian foreign minister brings together his counterparts from tehran and damascus. and you can't see eye to lie on their spines. hopes fade for germany and the us on a deal to stop snooping on each other as around for more
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flooding the whirlwind leadership rumbles on. i am mr team that took me to watch the mosque out with me read to her. afghanistan's president karzai has ordered an inquiry into the u s air strike which killed eight civilians seven of them children. the nine ring targeting a residential area north of kabul despite the governance means for american forces to stop hitting villages local journalists aren't my inner demon reports from kabul for our tea. i then told obama to kimball marlins and that in afghanistan. i had to have been a loss of civilian casualties while the women was the was killed and seven children. that along with one civilian use in god are called in to the statements by that time it was at his
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office said they have asked to make is to give an exhibitionist of september bombings. this opinion yet this game. it has actually gets linked draws between and the balmy on provence in the west where it has that i've to do for the faa's last few weeks it has be in that the board has me actually see above for the pas few weeks that has torn at my angel for his announcement and fighting between the forces and un forces and once i added that the divine forces and the other side. but the boom arm and has not actually watched over their heads in uganda for that tiny bond and polished or inside one he doesn't get any at its own he has had five said they had targeted the cbd and that and the casualty has been saving ends up going into the sydney by the cars it. israel claims only two civilians died and one described as the fans and air support to afghan forces the military chiefs were
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quick to spread the blame for the deaths saying that local district and provincial officials were informed in advance of the operation thomas even reads from the isaf international security assistance force. i also says the operation was meant to disrupt insurgent activity foreign policy as comeuppance as the afghan government should buy that and instead demand justice for innocent victims. always the argument that be that foreign powers may they always make it sound like they're invading a country just as they care so much about the people that are under attack. but all over the world you can see the fruits of us foreign intervention these ten massacres are really built and to foreign intervention to conceal wherever this happens within the middle east africa asia or anywhere the result is poverty misery suffering they've never improve the lives of the people of the people at the right to run their own country president karzai if he represents the afghan people should be demanding reparations be paid to the people of afghanistan for the so many crimes have been committed there for all the people killed for all
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the lives lost for all the poverty and misery created by u s intervention of those reparation shouldn't come from ordinary working class americans cannot come from halliburton and honor come from general electric and all the military contractors that made so much money off of the destruction of the people in afghanistan so many other countries in the world mounting civilian casualties from american military operations half of the u s afghan security pact on very shaky ground washington's draft pushes for thousands of its soldiers to remain in afghanistan after their combat mission against later this year although their role is supposed to be to support local forces the us still wants its troops to be able to carry out attacks in riyadh in homes all of the meeting to afghan prosecution and karzai's reluctant to approve the deal to manning and being the straw airstrikes is a precondition for any agreement. his columns on the us to stop bombarding civilian areas and falling flat and the presidential aide recently spoke out asking how many more innocent
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afghans have to die soon gets the attention of the u s officials. the issue of a child casualties. of course is especially disturbing the house has been looking into that and let's now get more on this are martyred wednesday easier strike is of course just the latest incident of civilians being killed by american fire. is it. just last week an accidental shot by us special forces on the contrived bloody stain around on afghanistan's helmand province of four year old boy lay down and troops say they mistakenly shot the child in the dusty weather that other staff is just a painful reminder that there still theory of collateral damage since the afghanistan invasion began more than a decade ago. april twenty thirteen an airstrike killed eleven afghan children and the crooner province and the east. here are the numbers well in two thousand and nine one hundred and thirty one children killed in the airstrikes twenty two died in nighttime marines like two thousand
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eleven one hundred and ten children killed in two thousand twelve seventy four children died so far in the hundreds of children to death at the hands of foreign troops had not perpetuated a single political actor on the world states to change the policy on the ground will that until now collecting data about the civilian casualties is difficult. one researcher claims the u n figures do not represent the true number of children killed by four and four assists. professor mark carroll that the university of new hampshire isn't just the line numbers are underestimated by as much as forty per cent. also on tuesday says they're in detail but these were the sunday market held there age its military backed clearance get there when e the referendum landslide but not anyone's convinced about the next constitution related programming here for the new on whether the current regime will outdo previous governments in going too far
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with this the eas you're in for mr azhar mosque down for a meeting hosted by russia's chief diplomat painting to wait too long delayed piece toxins serious casualty in a week. moscow insists that iran should be one of the main players in geneva to all sky is falling the fresh round of syrian diplomacy taking place in the russian capital. to have reiterated their desire for iran to take part in next week's piece called on syria in the geneva most of the means to tehran to be represented as an equal member of the discussions and should not be participating from the fringes from the sidelines as has been suggested by either her out by the united states now these peace talks on syria to geneva to chuckle to stop when january the twenty second. russia held to managed to start the ropes as the successful discussions for the interests of the entire international community that was before. we
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stand in support of syrian sovereignty in its territorial integrity. we want the equal rights of all ethnic religious and other groups that live in syria to be secured so that the country can exist in peace with all its neighbors and like the syrian people and the people of iran that we want to eliminate the hotbed of terrorism and serious tears tree. this is our unified position but it's not a unique position. it has been stated by the united nations security council. we do not have a hidden agenda and we have nothing to hide our stances she and my whole international community of this mini round of diplomacy is the last two days with my bro sent to me syria's foreign minister in moscow on friday. i've had a high level meeting iran's foreign minister top thirty cents a share announcing he's a serious future should be assigned for voting and down the opposition's demands for classes removal as a precondition for peace stocks makes no sense. it seems that
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is in the itty great deal of insecurity among those people who are sick and that conditions put him in negotiations to start that this should happen and that could happen. this should be the outcome of the negotiations here that should be the out of the negotiations. if the people have confidence in the dead ability to attract the city and people if they believe they get present and ambitions of the city in population than they should be ready to go to the bottom looked like they need to set preconditions i miss all put on this. at the end of the day. no country. other than seeing people can decide what would happen in syria. and if they tried to impose of issues on the city and people shown on a trip to see the fading of the process. reports from germany say the talks with the united states to get no spying agreement looks set to fail lengthy discussions have been going since america's tennessee was exposed snooping on its ally and
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the highest levels leaving germany furious and comparing it to the notorious . one veteran of the former in east german secret police spoke to pee all over about whether the two organizations really didn't have anything in common. the us. the us fellini know that the united states attempt to private mobile phone and a local conference that president obama that this claim the formal offices in the east hidden and secret police which was known as the stasi of the warning for the nsa if they think my surveillance is the solution to a nation's problems. who wouldn't if that even the best qualified and most of them secret service cannot save the state. we showed you that away from the professed chill of the politicians that the nsa spying ability to compare with the actions of the east german secret
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services during the cold war the canal if indeed this is exactly as illegal as some of the tactics that the stasi to employ. it is a breach of human rights of the government machine is so powerful that you can stop it it would snow to news leaks about the shape and go to the nsa surveillance showing gemini as one of the top targets the us snooping again high up on top of the ominously named devil's mountain like the remnants of the last major nsa spying program to look into the private lives of the people of the aisle in all its abundance now that i can update this post was used in the sin in all the private phone calls of thousands of citizens in both the east on the western pacific. then it was thousands of coles. now it's millions sometimes tens of millions of these connections. the contracts and love. the court to review the way they do what now is much more intensive your web browsing history credit cards
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they can build a profile on your way easier than was ever possible in my day which don't seem to exist in this type of technology. they rely needs of developing personal contacts been dismissed by the windows were working in counterintelligence in the west more hours even though he said. we were pretty good even then the fear of being nice and didn't see was taken seriously. this was a formal office a challenge with looking in tomato told us the money to finance my superior officer is there any technology arena that they can use just over eavesdropping on my calls. he answered yes just don't pick it up. these veterans of the spelling game might be impressed by the capabilities of the nsa. the pickle juice about the quality of the information collected for dozens of hits they relied too much on technology and technology migrate to locate a person or listen to their calls it doesn't let you know what they think. with the usa doing all the time to justify
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its intelligence gathering operation dove touched on two points though by critics. set to continue for sometime gets beat role of the box the gym president obama is expected to unveil a proposal this week to spring clean indiana season kennedy's budget ratings don't expect much the editor in chief of the german global current affairs magazine comeback isn't convinced that washington will ever agree to give up spying on berlin the americans on alluding to wade into that room and even press reps with a big difference the kind of preaching to the humiliating called the assurance of love that the celtics have to poll the attendants called the truman government until the american coleman told to look cool and all and that was cautioned. sealed and in all we uptake. two of the situation also on the table. one last detail
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all photos are mostly the renovation to abolish the spying on them all but four goals for the compliment and to use the discussion will feed up with a b in the in the next weeks i think worldwide race to the top of the world is gathering steam as the arctic ice melts in your roots and resources open up joining us shortly as we look at how that's fading away of competition and even conflict the eye tune in. in oregon. a silly tonight. for one hundred million now claiming that the company fell due to the warning on etsy and george stickers that they could be used as dangerous weapons. after years is or can it be another ten minutes from the pacific northwest. bill gates continues to hand out your privacy and data to the nsa and many others but
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god despises the winter with few bucks. rather it is a stinker. the boys this company's top of our products including sky. as a dangerous weapon against a constitutional right to unsuspecting customers of its products with a book and gets to him softly get caught. i will. am. mac this is our tears are still with us all the votes counted early results from egypt reference just overwhelming backing for
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the country's new constitution proposed by the military backed interim government supporters of the house of muslim brotherhood boycotted the vote calling it the illegitimate and promising to challenge the results belt reports from cairo. many people thought this would be the case is this a decent strongly by the government and industry facing people team participates and say yes. but as multi million dollar campaigns by businessmen had to cross the streets for the people to run to fight this constitution. this is what government really be looking for is is it that yes this is basically conceded a ripple on the principle right i would see a basic shape the way for elections across the fields they had to bring forth a president to come visit and see all that has to do the data general. they left the house he sees it he
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might run into people watkins he said. this is the price that means that the case in the process it's late and has basically gave it to cementing for coffee breaks. yes because it's easy to grow at basically be making it harder for them to get to function on the streets to get that dismissing the government and the boys election seventies he was going to happen next but invisible to the tenets of voters said they will stop step up their protests to expect on the coming days despite an initial results suggesting widespread unity over the country's key foundations the first day of sorting sell eleven killed and scores injured in clashes between anti regime protesters and police. last fall a month long military crackdown on supporters who was present on him or see protests without police approval were banned while the muslim brotherhood was unclear if a group by the government in late december the president of the arab lawyers association told us that age it's sliding back into its dictatorial past. the bill yet i've read the constitution because it was an institution than the one before. and this was interesting to shoot the biggest government has in it. is that it puts
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the bombing. and the armed forces of the state and above the constitution. people would have to understand that egypt is the only other country that get on the tv he's in control you and any other country. all the people who rose against the latter on now. people for the annual black situation the audi in every sense of the web and even how about a great deal the present moment. i think governments could lead to the present moment it's going way beyond the previous regimes in its treatment to the citizens who do not support it. elsewhere around the world thus our writers in madrid have clashed with police apparently solidarity with residents and town in the north. days of street unrest in corvallis of thousands protest against plans to revamp the heart of the city center. locals claim it will displace for households cause traffic chaos and drain stretched
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wants to stay in office for sydney are to sustain the project. suicide car bombings struck a hezbollah stronghold in lebanon near the syrian border killing four people at least twenty six others were hurt in the explosion year local government building has the last deployment of fighters to help ally president asad has seen violent spread from syria the attack came shortly before his national review against for hezbollah members for the assassination of former lebanese prime minister. the scene medical sources say israeli airstrikes in gaza have warned that a woman and four children. israel claims that struck in a t least half a second five rockets from gaza and blames not all cross border missile fire. local residents have woken to the sound of explosions and began inspecting the damage that that is. dozens of wildfires are raging in southeast really as a country
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bakes in a sweltering heat wave. there's a state of emergency in victoria south federal police is forced from their homes. temperatures have soared about forty cells across much of the country forcing its trailing open tennis tournament to postpone matches after player and bold weight class. twenty thirteen with over eighty israelis hottest year on record the ticks any nice is gradually opening up access to massive oil and gas reserves hidden under the polar sea that but with an increasing number of states aiming to exploit the region's richest getting all take me on how divine adopt could prove tricky and can spread to three different nights points. melting ice caps in the arctic have ignited a military buildup over the world smallest ocean and the drawbridge is buried beneath the arctic circle is believed to contain thirty percent of the world's undiscovered natural gas and fifteen percent of its polio the future of the world economy to some extent is
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dependent on the arctic and i think you know russia and canada the united states and norway and denmark are very interested in exploiting these resources. last month canada abruptly claims that he owned the north pole while the united states with its alaskan outpost has plans to boost its military than cleaning it lacks operational experience and needs to police that any nice as it serves the spike in fuel bills maritime traffic. but that's not all because people who knew what to do to continue. actually us submarines are deployed not too far away off the norwegian coast. it would teach us miss l sixteen to seventeen minutes to get from there to moscow. so we really hope that with all the things that have been happening in the world over the past few decades ago when the cold war confrontation behind us. in all five countries bordering the arctic have sovereign rights to resources within two hundred nautical miles of
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their territorial water weights but a growing appetite for a bigger slice of the pie is what many fear and inevitably start its twenty first century or more in the frozen waters. also unexplored resources that we don't know yet. two weeks country belongs that could be a place of interest to many countries getting backed up smaller things could spark an unfocused and and and maybe what i would like to see during the fortnight rt new york. the polar ice is setting up new perspectives for trade and the northern sea route is a shortcut for russia and europe to ship goods to asia whole journey from the atlantic to pacific head of reduced to about three weeks hands on the other side of the artic is another track to trade routes. northwest passage through canada steak knives has until now prevented mitigation through the passage but that's changing. chris is the pairing is a former
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british naval officer use as a dispute over the arctic will inevitably drives. where i think we can do just uses are a number of other interesting to countries that is india china korea and japan will be very interested not just in the northern sea route girls and resorts is the basis of their enemy often already detainees to other offerings in random places like that. it will be a scramble was the olive trees. the cylindrical six footers does received a notice to the golden state across the top of russia and north west passage across canada to do is to raise around twenty fifty straight across the top of the north pole. that means that other countries. austin faced each other across the north pole i see when he's in heaven was then caught a few months of the a and i would use
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different distances between joan and trees you see i mean all state schools are in train as the optics. it's an interesting situation was changing for you crawling around twenty four on twenty fifty. while getting ready for the coolest in the years leading up to that. now there can be some good news for you if you once your phone calls this a private without an essay spokes listening in the firm says. not the smart phone that lets users dial with discretion in with silly about it online. belle so their american troops may have withdrawn from iraq two years ago but it uses continue to haunt the country as more gruesome pictures emerged of marines disposing of dead iraqis at the infamous abu ghraib prison. or tissue national anthem la stella next a story a woman who's getting wolf whistles for whistleblowers effort to raise awareness is also raising eyebrows sicilian has been to me she's a lawyer she's got a
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phd in international law and she was a lecturer but she's also pose for the latimer challengers in what some would say would be provocative or racy photos of her age she says is to race funds and awareness for the works of whistleblowers and other activists like that they were joined by dr and dr linda fuller thanks very much for joining us today what i'd like to know is why i think it is this a matter of getting awareness why not another way. the plan have written articles on whistleblowers in the military so it had actually been quite lengthy article is the renderings be published but i really thought that i'm in order to make a difference to her acting was good too as we know are in jail or i might eat at the moment i tended to involve myself with more material. tonight is something that isn't just a matter of talking. i think there's a lot of consensus on this exceedingly tough enough
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i do think that something was going in revealing violations of international law is very empowering. it is attention given to me since he's obviously on however i do think that people here most of the season and nothing to complain and cry a bit or perhaps an undertaking unfairly treated in private oh and trying to get people away. bake in a city that serial eat it. second no complaint or something like that and that this is a way to make it onto the scene to find a really good defense on board for example not organize a single i'm aware this opportunity to help with the flowers not necessarily ideas that he needs more interested in are snowed in also if any napkins and a warrant and sandwiches to take the initiative reforms also worked with the suppliers are very important. as well. this lead to believe. we go. max's dc are never a loss for words
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when it comes to blasting the world of bad bankers and got an appetizer for it next time i see international i knew i. world. i am the majority of congress are now millionaires for the first time in history according to the center for spots of politics which is pretty insulting than the average american's not doing so well financially the scenes at wickham point of rich guys rule the country which the kind of to what could argue that congress is a quick spin off. first off duty inflation million dollars is not as much as it used to be a special the cost of a campaign to get in the congress costs around one millionsix hundred thousand dollars city of million dollars of net worth may sound pretty rich to you or me but he expects a team of us politics these guys can even afford the costly and again the work. electoral campaigns are a bit of money affairs was no surprise that people like you or me kick it
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into law making business without sonny least a little piece of our souls to someone who is very deep pockets. so again the problem isn't that congressmen are wealthy is that many of them hefty cost of financing in order to maintain their positions. it is you average folks know what your dad. they've got a bite of crops. well that's just my thing. i rmb. i do long long long will you choose to use the word dude he is actually more showers some of them. or are very defensive. we were just what to do so they were taking
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someone's force. this is. he said. firstly and some of them are or know it's a technique some of them combined. that made it. its components. i see him with it's simple. ite is represented by what you and i know what the western world knows as the us. and the change in scope that i'd chase. that's the philosophy the art. i teach more beans ag. it's a thai boxing. we have. gee do you know we have it on fox. so it's basically a martial art based on. a full house this dichotomy this nature. the ruler who will i am is used. when we
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were . news. egyptian officials have spotted a ploy to announce in a referendum when the new constitution senior election official of our society told spike tv but provides an office boy opened a previous post but guys noticed was the ghost the second dioxide to know when's the cost of lost the piece for light snow and people going to tag questions involving supporters of ousted as to how they've mostly some form of the people outside topping the rest to god to die for disrupting the pumps.


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